iDirect e8350 Evolution Series Satellite Router 24 VDC, Input 100-240 VAC

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  • Multiple topologies: Star, Mesh, SCPC
  • Two modes of operation: iNFINITI outbound and software upgradeable to DVB-S2/ACM outbound
  • High carrier data rates up to 156 Mbps outbound, 6.5 Mbps the inbound
  • Spread spectrum waveform technology supports very small antennas
  • Unique FIPS 140-2 certified TRANSEC security with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Advanced QoS and traffic prioritization options
  • Supports WGS IF ranges: 950-2000 MHz
  • Built-in 8-port Ethernet switch


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Highly Secure, Reliable, and Fast IP Broadband Connectivity
Developed to meet the most rigorous mobility and security requirements, the Evolution 8000 Series Satellite Router provides fast, secure and reliable military-grade connections.
With the integration of spread spectrum technology and DVB-S2/ACM, along with advanced FIPS-certified TRANSEC security and advanced QoS functionality, the Evolution 8000 Series provides an optimal efficiency balance of high speed and security. 
Greater Flexibility
The Evolution 8000 Series offers the choice between iNFINITI TDM or DVB-S2/ACM on the outbound, providing more flexibility for network design and bandwidth optimization. Combined with the highly efficient. With adaptive TDMA or SCPC Return technology and 2D 16-State coding on the inbound, the Evolution 8000 Series delivers speeds up to 11.8 Mbps in TDMA on the inbound and up to 20 Mbps in SCPC Return. Available in various models, the Evolution 8000 Series allows for maximum customization and easy integration into existing equipment.
Greater Mobility
Leading spread spectrum technology enables the use of ultra-small and phased-array antennas on aircraft, ships, and land-based vehicles. The Evolution 8000 Series is fully enabled for iDirect’s Global Network Management System (GNMS) and automatic beam switching technology allowing for a seamless network with truly global coverage.
High Security
Compliant with the highest military security requirements, the Evolution 8000 Series features embedded AES encryption and TRANSEC with advanced FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance, X.509 digital certificate encryption, and automatic over-the-air key exchange.
Superior Quality of Service
Flexible Quality of Service and prioritization capabilities enable network operators to not only prioritize traffic and applications over their networks; with iDirect’s state-of-the-art Group QoS they can segregate bandwidth by groups of remotes, multiple sub-networks, and multiple mission-critical applications.
Simple, Intuitive Network Management
The Evolution 8000 Series is easily configured, monitored, and controlled through the iVantageTM network management system, a complete suite of software-based tools for configuring, monitoring, and controlling networks from one location.

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Dimensions 25 × 24 × 12 in

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