Datum Systems M7 L-Band Compact Satellite Modem M7L Series


Datum Systems M7 L-Band Compact Satellite Modem M7L Series S/N 34722
Refurbished by Datum



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Datum Systems M7 L-Band Compact Satellite Modem M7L Series, Refurbished by Datum.
Compact Modular Design – The completely new M7 modem hardware platform fits within a single half-rack 1 RU space, or two modems mounted side-by-side, saving expensive rack space at the hub.
Datum Systems innovation is transforming the SCPC and MCPC modem industry with a new generation modular modem product, the M7 Series, that is versatile, compact, highly efficient, and costs less to own and operate. Flexible M7 configurations include a full modem, mod-only, demod-only or multi-demod capability, all using common integrated assembly modules
Advanced FlexLDPC Onboard – Provides strong economic advantages to satellite service providers and their customers. Granular code rates and block sizes get you the most out of your available satellite bandwidth and spectral power while keeping processing latency at the desired level.
Sharp Carrier Filter Roll-Off – This standard Roll-off capability allows an immediate spectral efficiency increase and significant bandwidth savings, at no additional hardware or software cost. Filter Roll-Off options in the new M7 modems Series include 5%, 8%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% and 40%.
Smart Carrier Canceller – Smart Carrier is a patented advanced second-generation carrier canceller which allows 2 similar carriers to occupy the same transponder spectrum. Smart Carrier is easy to set up and provides a Shannon Capacity improvement of up to ~ 2 dB, which is ~50 % increase in the fundamental channel capacity. Smart Carrier cancelling is supported by Datum AUPC
Flexible Interface Options – Serial interface (S7), Managed IP interface (I7), Multi-port Ethernet Bridge interface (E7), Dual G.703 (G7), and High-Speed Serial interface (H7). Consult the factory for new interface options
ACM – Adaptive Coding Modulation provides a significant increase in throughput by utilizing margin provided in link budgets for worst case scenarios. ACM also increases link availability as the link will adjust for poor link conditions by seamlessly adjusting it’s available Modcods
IP and 3G/LTE Optimization – The managed IP interface provides Advanced QoS and supports optional TCP/IP Acceleration, Payload & Header Compression, Packet Coalessing, and Byte Caching using the industry’s best IP Optimization embedded software from award-winning Xiplink.
1:1 Redundancy – Built-in 1:1 redundancy control allows for low-cost implementation of redundancy when required.


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