Bats Antenna Aiming & Tracking Systems SM-050 DVM-50 With Connectorized Radio


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Bats Wireless Antenna Aiming & Tracking Systems SM-050 DVM-50 With Connectorized Radio
Come with Rack Mount Control Unit Model BTS-RMCU-50-G


The DVM 50 is an enclosed microwave stabilization platform designed for configurations featuring up to 1FT antennas. Ideal for heavy-duty deployments operating offshore, or in high wind environments, the DVM 50 represents a flexible solution for operators looking for reliable Line-of-Sight (LoS) communications in a protected enclosure.

The DVM 50 System is a ruggedized, automated tracking and stabilization platform. Positioned for antennas up to 1FT, the DVM 50 provides BATS’ tested light payload, a heavy-duty platform for organizations in need of a nomadic or fully mobile broadband communication link. This enclosed, modular system is ideal for both fixed and mobile terrestrial and nautical applications. Where fixed, nomadic, or mobile point-to-point (PTP) communications is needed, operators will have the ability to quickly establish and configure high-speed, high-capacity wireless networks.

Ideal for fixed, nomadic, or mobile applications, including:

  •   Heavy Duty Geophysical Services Communications
  •   Cruise, Yacht, & Ferry Near-Port Communications
  •   Commercial Shipping Near-Port Communications
  •   Building / High-Wind Emergency Response Communications
  •   Floating Vessel Stabilized Microwave Communications

Connected: Ship-to-Ship Communications for Vessel Communications & Crew Comfort
Although satellite internet is seen as ubiquitous, there are regions of the world where connectivity is more than problematic. After months of dealing with spotty satellite coverage, a supply vessel fleet operator was looking for an alternative solution that would allow for voice and video conferencing with destination ports, as well as other data needs, including documentation and email. Outside of the operational needs of a communications link, the operator was looking for a unique solution that would be capable of delivering unimpeded streaming of internet applications such as Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify.

BATS delivered its DVM 50 system with integrated broadband radio. The system was configured for a point-to-multipoint configuration with sector base stations both onshore and at the delivery point.

The solution was capable of delivering over 100 Mbps, allowing the operator to tune the throughput as needed. With a latency of under 5 milliseconds, the operator was able to show buffer-free streaming of audio and video over the broadband link.
Through its continuing work with regional partners, BATS was able to demonstrate a solution that could not only deliver the needed communications link that would allow for the consumption of voice, video, and data; but it could maintain that link even while the vessel was in transit, far exceeding client expectations.

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