Thrane Explorer 300 Inmarsat BGAN Terminal


Key benefits of the EXPLORER series

  • Complete communication platform
  • Seamless global broadband connection
  • Highly portable and reliable connectivity
  • Instant mobile access to your office
  • Easy-to-operate, simple user-interface
  • Know your costs: standard prices, no roaming
  • A terminal to use worldwide

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Thrane & Thrane Inmarsat Explorer 300 Portable Terminals P/N 3705A
EXPLORER 300 – Compact for individual usage
The smallest terminal in the EXPLORER series, Weighs only 1.4 kg. Dimensions: 16.8 x 21.7 x 5.2 cm
A single-user terminal: Ideal if your primarily need voice, or moderate speed standard IP internet access
Compact: Easy to carry, simple system set-up and operation
The EXPLORER Series is a well proven and thoroughly tested range of satellite terminals utilizing Inmarsat’s BGAN technology, providing instant and reliable voice and broadband access regardless of time and place.
EXPLORER Series have been designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions.
This is to support harsh environments and situations a professional might experience working in the field – providing the ability to still deliver the quality and performance demanded.
EXPLORER Series cover the need for portability as well as flexibility.
The Series consists of three highly portable and lightweight terminals (maximum the size of an average laptop) and two vehicular terminals with satellite tracking antennas making it possible to stay onnected, even while moving at speeds in excess of 200 km/h.
All EXPLORER terminals excel in being easy to set up and easy to operate; thereby, minimizing the level of operator skill required and ultimately optimizing processes. Simply just connect a PC or phone, point the terminal towards a satellite (guided by the build-in compass and sound indicator) and you are instantly connected to the world.
EXPLORER terminals are mobile, Plug’n’Play satellite communication platforms for professionals working off the beaten track.

Perfectly formed
At only the size of a netbook and weighing just 1.4kg, EXPLORER 300 provides complete BGAN internet connectivity and voice calling wherever you are in the world. Its size makes it the ideal companion for business and adventure travelers. Whether visiting a remote pipeline or trekking through the jungle, EXPLORER 300 won’t weigh you down.

Designed for simplicity

The EXPLORER 300 consists of a single unit – a transceiver with an integrated antenna, making setup and packing away a breeze, regardless of conditions. Because EXPLORER 300 is designed for simplicity, you can connect faster, ensuring that your important messages get through. Just connect your laptop or handset, point the antenna and you are ready to go.

Compact connectivity

It may be small in size, but EXPLORER 300 punches above its weight in terms of connectivity, offering up to 384kbps standard IP and up to 64kbps streaming. Send and receive an email, browse the internet, access your VPN, stream video and audio, transfer files and utilize business-critical IP applications. Who needs the office?


In today’s connected world, an email is a vital form of communication. The world revolves around electronic communication so in order to ensure the quality, efficiency, and safety of your business and your people, you need reliable access to email even when operating outside of terrestrial communications infrastructure.

For business or leisure, our satellite terminals enable efficient and cost-effective email. Because Thrane & Thrane systems are designed and built for the exact environments they are used in, you can be confident that wherever you are – on land, at sea or in the air – you can send and receive email at the touch of a button.
Satellite connectivity for land, sea, and air
As we are getting closer and closer to a truly connected world, we expect to have internet access at home, at work, and out and about. But because the internet is dependent on communication infrastructure there are some places where internet connectivity isn’t as easy to find – at sea, in the air or on land in remote locations for instance.

This is why we make satellite communications systems. We are able to deliver internet connectivity to practically anywhere in the world. From vessels sailing global trading routes and aircraft passengers and pilots to government officials or engineers working in third world countries, our products are playing an important role in bringing us even closer to the truly connected world.
Get the message out Alongside EXPLORER’s internet connectivity, email, voice communication, fax, and VPN, SMS – or text messaging as it’s more commonly known – is also available when out of terrestrial and cell phone coverage through the use of satellite communication. Although SMS is not a primary business or industry communication method, it does have its place for use by professionals and is also used in remote monitoring and maintenance systems, so is a facility requested by several market segments.

Business communication

Being able to send a text message via satellite from the deepest depths of the jungle, the middle of the desert or any remote area enables business travelers and field engineers to keep in touch using a cost-effective alternative to traditional SMS, when a call is not needed and there is no time for an email.

Remote monitoring

Satellite communications are often used as part of a SCADA system located in remote areas. These systems can be controlled and monitored by SMS, providing a simple and cost-effective way for engineers to interact with complex systems remotely.
Off the beaten track
The ability to track an asset and get a position anywhere on the planet has opened up a wealth of applications in business, industry and transport. From safety solutions and regulatory requirements to logistics and motor-racing, satellite tracking of vehicles, aircraft, vessels and people is now part of our daily lives.
Because so many critical systems depend on tracking capabilities to enhance safety and efficiency, it’s vital that the equipment for transmitting data is designed to be highly reliable. Choosing one of our satellite terminals ensures your ability to transmit your position from land, sea and air, so you can ensure safety, meet requirements and enhance operational efficiency regardless of conditions. 

Voice over Satellite

Communicate even when out of cell phone coverage

With the massive explosion in cell coverage throughout the past two decades, we take it for granted that we can make a call wherever we are. However, if you pick up your cell phone to make a call at sea, at 30,000 ft. in the air, or in the jungle or desert, it’s not such a simple story.
Luckily, voice calling on satellites has become very high quality and competitively priced. So even when out of terrestrial or cell coverage, you can make a call from almost anywhere on the planet. If you’re on land it’s simple to call from even the remotest spot using EXPLORER whilst making a call at sea is easy with SAILOR and even in the air, you can call colleagues and customers using AVIATOR, just as if you were sitting in the office.
Work in your own systems remotely To work efficiently away from headquarters you need access to your organization’s critical systems, so a facility for secure and reliable VPN is a pre-requisite of satellite communications systems. Our entire portfolio of EXPLORER, SAILOR and AVIATOR systems are designed to facilitate access to corporate networks so getting access to your management, technical, or CRM systems is just as easy in the field, at sea, or in the air as it is when sat at your desk back at HQ.
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Weight 8 lbs
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