Terrasat 40W Ext. C-Band iBUC 2 IBR058066 5.850-6.650GHz 100-240VAC


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Terrasat 40W Extended C-Band iBUC 2 IBR058066 5.850-6.650GHz 100-240VAC

The Part Number Configuration for this product is P/N IBR058066-2NA040WW-0000.

The code breakdown is as follows:
058066 refers to the Frequency Band, which in this case is the Extended C-Band.
2 represents the Spectral Inversion, specifically Non-Inverting/Internal 10 MHz.
N indicates the IF Input Connector, which is an N-Type Connector.
A denotes the Operating Voltage, which is AC Input Standard Connector
040 represents the Power Level/Type/Family, specifically a 40 Watt GaN
W refers to the Tx Output Option, which is a Wave-guide.
Finally, the last character “W” indicates the color, which in this case is White.
Click Here for Terrasat IBUC-2 C-Band Spec
Operations Manual IBUC 2, IBUC 2e, IBUC 2G, and IBUC R

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