SAILOR SC4000 Iridium Marine Terminal (eBay – Lot of 3)


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Keeping in touch with the shipping company, other ships or with loved ones at home is vital for any vessel crossing the oceans. With the SAILOR SC4000 Iridium system from Thrane & Thrane, ocean-going ships of all kinds get a very cost-effective satellite telephone solution for seamen of all stripes.

The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium telephone system is the ideal satellite communication solution and well suited for all types of vessels cruising the high sea – from yachts to fishing vessels, from coasters to large merchant ships, from coast guards to naval vessels. With true global coverage and advantageous airtime rates, the SAILOR SC4000 Iridium is the obvious choice for anyone sailing along foreign coasts with high GSM roaming fees – and onwards to as far as the arctic seas.

The Thrane Sailor SC4000 Maritime Satellite phone can be used with almost any Iridium Antenna. Please call for more details on what systems will integrate with the SC4000.


  • Weather Resistant
  • Data Capable
  • RJ-11 Jack, allowing connection to a PBX or an external analog phone.
  • Max Cable Loss 3 dB
  • Power Requirements DC 10V to 32V