Sailor 6194 Terminal Control Unit Thrane & Thrane P/N 406194A Model TT-6194A


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The Thrane & Thrane P/N 406110A-913 Sailor SSAS Add-on Kit for Sailor 6110
Cobham Sailor 6110 SSAS Add-on Kit for the Thrane Sailor 6110 mini-C GMDSS includes the following:
Sailor 6194 Terminal Control Unit, Thrane & Thrane P/N 406194A Model TT-6194A
2 pcs. Alert buttons with 50m cable,
1 pcs. test button with 50m cable
Compatible with: Thrane, SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS Satellite Terminal System


The SAILOR 6194A TCU is a key part of the mini-C revolution since it is an active box with a small microprocessor that can handle NMEA, CAN and LAN. It also enables GLONASS positioning for use with Russian flagged vessels (pending GLONASS module installed in TCU).
Another feature added as a direct result of end-user feedback is the three status LED’s that can provide information on Inmarsat signal and log-in, GPS fix, DNID and program download. The TCU furthermore also features an SD card read/writer. In relation to the SAILOR 6110, this serves as a connection point for the SSAS option, meaning the alert and test buttons. Connecting the buttons, up to 6 alert buttons and one test button has been made much easier compared to the 3000E system. Furthermore, if an error should occur in one of the buttons or wires to the buttons an error message with the specific button will be displayed.
The SSAS option consists of a TCU incl. 6m drop line for connection and a set of alert & test buttons. If upgrading from a 3000E system the existing installed buttons can be reused. The options are designated:
SAILOR 6110 opt. 913 SSAS add-on kitSAILOR
6110 opt. 916 SSAS add-on kit US version
For connecting covert alert buttons for use in Ship Security Alert (SSA) systems, or SAILOR 6108 Non-SOLAS Alarm Panels or SAILOR 3042E Alarm Panels in Non-SOLAS Distress systems.
For connecting a SAILOR 3027 terminal, which has a CAN interface, with other equipment that has Ethernet or RS-232 interface.
For executing custom scripts that can react on events registered by the Terminal Control Unit, e.g. in SCADA applications and for vessel monitoring.
SAILOR 6194A TCU also connect a switch for power control of the Terminal Control Unit, and with the optional Glonass module, you can connect to a Glonass antenna.
The power for the Terminal Control Unit is supplied through the CAN connector (extended input range 10.5-32 V DC).
The Terminal Control Unit is supported by the ThraneLINK Management Application, a Windows program that provides easy monitoring and software updates of connected Cobham SATCOM devices with ThraneLINK support.
SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS System
SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSA System
SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT System
SAILOR 6140 Maritime System
SAILOR 6150 Non-Solas System

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