Mitec 10W C-Band BUC 5.85-6.425GHz Model MTX-596440-60-ES

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Unused, Mitec 10W C-Band BUC 5.85-6.425GHz Model MTX-596440-60-ES
(Includes manual, mounting hardware and brackets, unused in the original box)

The new generation of Mitec VSAT medium power Block Up-Converters comes with a super-compact form
Factor and is lightweight, which allows it to be mounted directly on an antenna feed.
This type of installation does not incur any TX loss, enabling the end-user to minimize the size and cost of a VSAT station using the smallest antenna and the lowest TX power possible.

Key Features

• Compact size and lightweight (ideal for direct mount on antenna OMT that provides no TX loss)

• Low power consumption

• Non-standard frequency range options available

• FSK Interface (Mute control, RF power detection, Alarm status, Temperature monitoring, Lock status) via IF cable

• Fanless package for 10 W or forced air cooling for 20 W and 40 W

• Both Internal and External 10 MHz

reference options available

• Wide range of supply voltage 24-48 VDC for 5-10 W; 48 VDC only for 20 W and 40 W

• Built-in input overcurrent protection will shut down the BUC when 20 W or 40 W is powered from 24 VDC

• Status LED


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in