Datum Systems M7LT Satellite Terminal (LBS) L-Band Modem M7 Series S/N 34021


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Datum Systems M7LT Satellite Terminal (LBS) L-Band Modem M7 Series S/N 34021
Datum Systems innovation is transforming the SCPC and MCPC modem industry with a new generation modular modem product, the M7 Series, that is versatile, compact, highly efficient, and costs less to own and operate. 

Advanced FlexLDPC Onboard – With unparalleled configuration flexibility and superior coding gain, FlexLDPC takes FEC technology innovation to the next level, bringing strong economic advantages to satellite service providers and their customers. Granular code rates and block sizes get you the most out of your available satellite bandwidth and spectral power while keeping processing latency at the desired level. 
Sharp Carrier Roll-O­ Technology – The M7 Series supports advanced filter shaping for optimized carrier spacing as a standard feature. Datum currently offers down to a 5% Alpha, which means that carriers can be spaced at 1.05 times the symbol rate instead of the historical factor of 1.35. This allows an immediate spectral efficiency increase and significant bandwidth savings, at no additional hardware or software cost. Filter Roll-Off options in the new M7 modems Series include 5%, 8%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% and 40%. See Advanced Filter Shaping White Paper for more information. 
Smart Carrier Canceller – Smart Carrier is a patented advanced second-generation carrier canceller that allows 2 similar carriers to occupy the same transponder spectrum but is different from other cancellers in that it is a baseband canceller instead of an IF canceller. It allows excellent performance with easy setup and no additional cabling. Smart Carrier is compatible with all Datum modulation types and FECs and is well suited to be used with Sharp Roll-Off factors all the way down to 5%. Datum’s technique provides an improvement in the Shannon Capacity of ~ 2 dB, which is ~50 % increase in the fundamental channel capacity. 

System Architectures Supported
Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint,
Mesh, Unicast & Multicast

Key Highlights

  • Highly Configurable Remote Terminal
  • Internal BUC and LNB Power Supply
  • High Stability 10 MHz Reference
  • FlexLDPC Multi Block Sizes & Code Rates
  • 1.2 kbps to 59.4 Mbps, 1 bps steps
  • Widest Range of Carrier Roll-Off Factors
  • Dual G.703/E1 Full & Fractional (N x 64)
  • Advanced IP Interface
  • 200,000 Packets Per Second Throughput
  • Bridge and Router Modes
  • 3rd Party Platform for IP Optimization
  • Express Ethernet Interface
  • Layer 2 Bridge, Switch Based
  • 4-Port with additional SFP Port
  • QoS and VLAN Support
  • Lowest Latency, <15 ms at 64 kbps ¾ QPSK
  • Fast acquisition time
  • Multi-Flo Async Channel, AUPC
  • State-of-the-Art Web Browser GUI
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