Codan 6908 8W Ku-Band BUC Model 6908-W/E-48/IF-CE 48VDC


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Codan 6908 8W Ku-Band BUC Model 6908-W/E-48/IF-CE 48VDC
Barely Used, Almost New, Tested, 6-Months Warranty
Codan’s L-Band IF input 6900 series Ku-Band Block Up Converters (BUCs) offer a wide range of distinctive advantages and enhanced features for satellite communications systems. Available in a variety of models, the 6900 series BUCs provide industry-leading technical performance.
The 6900 series compact L-Band IF input Block Up Converters (BUCs) are available in a range of RF output powers.
The 6900 series are designed and tested to meet their performance specifications over an ambient temperature range of –40°C to +55°C and up to 100% relative humidity, ensuring long term survival in extreme conditions. Field experience for Codan BUCs shows that MTBFs of greater than 100,000 hours can be expected.
RF performance is superior, particularly: intermodulation performance, gain stability over temperature, and flatness across the IF band. The 6900 series also boasts industry-leading spurious and harmonics specifications. Guaranteed RF performance ensures expensive system link margins do not have to be used to cope with RF transceiver variations.
While CE certified versions are available, all BUCs are designed to ensure that the customer can easily achieve CE certification at a system level for a transmission system in the EU. All Codan BUCs are tested to the following standards
Internal protection against high temperature and short or open circuit RF output is standard. Input voltage detection ensures reliable shutdown and restarts under brownout or blackout conditions.
The BUCs are completely protected from the elements, are without external user controls and are fully sealed, and pressure tested to 34 kPa (5 psi). Particle and moisture penetration is rated to IP67.
High-quality paint is used to protect the modules from corrosion.

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