Advantech Wireless 200W C-Band BUC SSPBMg-C200-CRE GaN Technology


Manufactured in 2017, Primary use was as spare for 6 months

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Advantech 200W C-Band Hubmount SSPB (BUC) SSPBMg-C GaN Technology
Excellent working and cosmetic condition
Manufactured 2017, Primary use was as spare for 6 months
200W Newest GaN Tech BUC
Lightweight and Powerful
Excellent working condition
Output frequency of 5.850 to 6.425 GHz
Input frequency 950-1525 MHz
Advantech 200W C-Band BUC
This C-Band BUC is one of the new Super Compact TT Series GaN Technology Amplifiers.
Full 200W of output power in a compact single package
High linearity
Redundant ready with no external controller
Full M&C capability via RS232, RS485
Built-in Forward precision powering metering
Output RF calibrated Sample Port
Redundant Systems shipped fully tested
Infinite VSWR protection with an automatic high reflected power shutdown
Detachable power supply module
Weatherproof construction
CE marking

1:1 or 1:2 Redundant configuration
L-Band input (SSPB/BUC operation)
Internal/External reference with auto-sensing
Ethernet port
External Harmonic Filter


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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 14 in